The breed belongs to Germany, where it was created in the year 1984 with the usage of genetic recessive gene to produce a toy like cute breed of Yorkie. This special breed of Yorkies has been named as Biewer Yorkshire terriers and is also named as one of the highly demanded name in the list of preferred breed of pet dogs. This dog breed is called bred in Germany and in other countries and in international market, they are known as Biewer. Similar to other hybrids of Yorkshire terrier, these breeds have their own significant features, personality traits and behavioral attributes.

biewer yorkshire terrier puppy

While deciding to bring the cute pet amongst the Biewer Yorkies available in the pet shop, it is recommended to explore some dedicated knowledge about them. This also lets you pick the right and true breed so far. The most important and really common features about the personality of Biewer Yorkie terriers, which you should know include the color and quality of their hair.  Their hairs are straight, hanging down of their body and they are not curly.

Biewer yorkshire terriers

Reading more about the Biewer Yorkies helps you in exploring the basic tips to pay complete and daily care to these pets. They need to be bathed once is 15 to 21 days and also, their hair need to be combed once in 7 days. Use of wire combs is must to ensure careful and smooth combing of their hairs.

Biewer Yorkies

A Biewer Yorkshire terrier can develop health problems very easily because it is very sensitive towards the bacterial and other infective elements around. This automatically explains that this breed of Yorkies needs a special and regular care. If they are not paid with regular attention and care, they might not make it through a long and healthy life. This should be avoided and hence the pet owners are advised to be sure about all the knowledge they have regarding health care of their Biewer Yorkie. Going for routine check-ups is very important thing, which needs to be added in their health care routine.

Biewer Yorkie

Once you learn to provide complete care to your Biewer Yorkshire terrier pup, you can ensure a healthy and long life to this cure breed of Yorkshire dogs. They can be a wonderful part of your life and make you feel great while walking with an alive and lively toy dog. They look cute and add to the social standard of your family. Your kids will love the pup and of course playing with it.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Hence, when you decide to buy a Biewer for you, it is important to consult with the experts, who have complete knowledge and experience about Biewer Yorkies. At the same time, make sure that you are buying your pup from a reputed and reliable pet dealer. This ensures the quality and authenticity of the pet. They can help you in selecting the best one as per your requirement. That’s not all; they also help you to know the right ways to pay complete care to your newly bought Biewer puppy.

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