It takes a lot of patience and good hands, while planning to click pictures of Yorkie puppies. Their energetic tendency with the urge to move around always makes it quite difficult to take some beautiful pictures.

pics of cute yorkie puppies

However, if you are an average dog lover, you might think that your Yorkie could always pose out with that silky hair coat, just like in picture books. But, in case you are an average amateur photographer, your photos will never match the humor, athleticism and outrageous cuteness as related with the real puppy. To top it all, the extreme temperament of your Yorkie might also pose a great threat while planning to take a cute picture.

pictures of yorkies puppies

pictures of yorkshire terrier puppies

Following the best tricks

You need to be extra careful and clever while matching your Yorkie’s footstep and clicking the best picture. Specialized experts are always present and ready to help you with some fascinating tricks, which will make your Yorkie follow your commands and you will land up with the best picture, of all time. You can even take pictures of your Yorkie without getting into other additional stuffs like shutter speed and f-stops. For the first and foremost step, you need to time your position well. If you are looking for action scenes or shots, you might have a photo shoot before the three mile run as taken on a daily account. If you want to create a serene portrait, make the short after the running session.

yorkie puppies pictures

Help your dog get used to the camera

The flash or the click sound of a camera can rattle your Yorkie or any other dog, at first. Give your dog some time and let him have a good sniff of your camera. Then, for the next step, start shooting some casual scenery like the surrounding areas before clicking Yorkie puppies pictures. It will help your dog to understand that the product is not harmless as it seems before. If you have a film camera, you can start doing it before loading the film.

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beautiful pics of yorkie puppies

Once the Yorkie got used to the camera, you can start doing your own thing, and began taking pictures of your cute little puppies.

Follow the main idea

The primary idea is to keep the things relaxed and natural. Do not impose any extra pose on your dog, as that might alert him, and he may not stay steady for you to take a picture. A casual move will help you to land up with the right pics of Yorkie puppies without disturbing them even once. Other than the steps, which you need to follow, there are some, which you must avoid at any cost. Do not grab loads of treats and stop shoving the camera near your dog’s face. Avoid screaming at the top of your voice to grab your dog’s attention, as that might land up in disastrous moves. Puppies are easy to handle than adult Yorkie, as they will listen to your commands well.

cute pictures of yorkie puppies

Take loads of pictures

This is the first and pivotal role of photography, without focusing towards the matter much. The more pictures you take, the better is the chances of getting hold of few amazing clicks. However, make sure to bring an extra battery as you do not want to ruin your Yorkie’s photo shoot with a low battery option.

pictures of yorkie puppies

Apart from the points mentioned above, you must also remember to turn your flash off while clicking pictures of Yorkies puppies. Dogs hate flashy objects, as those make them feel scared. In maximum instances, the amateur photographers will try and do their best under warm and natural sunlight.

pics of yorkie puppies

The perfect timing of a day

In order to avoid washed out pictures of Yorkshire terrier puppies, it is better to short in the evening or morning hours or on slightly overcast days. You can also opt for the shade areas, on a bright day, when your pictures will turn out to be just like you have wanted. For indoor shoot, you might have to take help of flash. However, you might land up with a natural looking shot, in case you plan to use off camera flash and swivel the outer region upwards. This will help the light to bounce off the ceiling and create a different environment, altogether.

pictures of little yorkie puppies

Get down to the level of your dog

If you stand and try taking a picture of your Yorkie, it will look just the same like other ones. You have to sit on your knee and with your dog’s level, for taking some fascinating pictures. You also need to pay attention towards the background scene like green trees, natural seaside areas and more. Moreover, you also need to focus towards the color.

pictures of teacup yorkie puppies

Avoid using a black background for black Yorkie. Contrasting colors can always ensure that your pictures come out in the best manner, possible. You can also try and be creative while taking pictures of teacup Yorkie puppies.