Daily hair brushing is a beneficiary measure for Yorkies, due to their short coats. This particular dog breed comprises of a silky single coat, and it is quite similar to the human hair. On the other hand, the hair coat of this kind of dog does not remove so easily. No shedding means that daily brushing is an imperative measure, in order to remove skin cells and dead hair. Infrequent brushing might also lead to tangles and snarls, which can turn into solidified mats eventually. The last step of such a condition is to shave off the golden hairs of your Yorkie by taking help from a professional groomer.

brush a yorkshire terrier

The step one to follow

There are certain eminent tools, which you might need, when you plan to brush a Yorkshire terrier. Those products are spray bottle, dog conditioner, grooming comb, pin brush attached with a rubber back and nail scissors. However, the last product is optional, and you might not even take it always. For the first step, you are asked to mist the coat of your Yorkie with god conditioner, diluted with the appropriate amount of water. If you start brushing the strands of your Yorkie, when it’s dry, might lead to break and also untangled knots.

Spraying water is a must

In order to avoid breakage of hair strands, you need to dilute the dog conditioner and spray on the entire coat, evenly. Start by spraying a small amount of conditioner and water before you start brushing, so that the strands turnout to be slippery and less resistant. Remember that the hair strands need to be damp, but not saturated. When planning to deal with brush a Yorkshire terrier, dedicate apt time for this work, as it is time-consuming. You have to start the procedure from the Yorkie’s neck area and apply gentle strokes, directed towards the hair growth.

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how to brush a yorkie

Other steps to follow

After finishing the neck region, continue brushing the hind quarter and back side of your Yorkie. Pin brush can help remove dead skin cells, as well and can invigorate the skin. Moreover, it can also help in distributing the natural oil, over the entire coat area of your pet Yorkie. While planning to find answers on how to brush a Yorkie, make sure you have a conditioner handy. This will help to remove any minor tangle or knot, by facing few drops of skin-friendly conditioners on the tips of your fingers and massage the knot.

Pin brush is the best solution

Unlike the traditional comb, the pin brushes are known for their broad spacing and these can help in untangling the knot, at different places and the same time. You need to work your way up the knot every time by an inch until the entire area is smooth. For the next step of how to brush a Yorkie, you need to comb the facial hair of the Yorkie and lastly, the genital region. For the last part, you need to take help of a grooming comb. For stroking the facing hair of your Yorkie, you need to use short and extra gentle strokes, after taking proper care not to poke in the eyes.

yorkie hair brushing

Using short scissors

Always take help of small scissors to remove any formation of mats, around the rectum area. As Yorkies do not shed hair often, therefore; a little fecal matter can cause mats. For this, you can use a pin brush, which is runner-packed with a strong hold. The rubber backing area of such pin brush can catch hold of the dead hair strands, hiding beneath the coat’s surface. The procedure of hair brushing of your Yorkie needs to be done before her bathing session.