Originated in England to catch mill rats, the Yorkshire terrier temperament relates with its bold and confident outlook. This dog breed is also known for the high intelligent level, along with courageous and independent mood. The personality of such dogs also depends a lot on the ways, in which they are raised. Some are known for their plucky and spirited behavior; where else some are delicate divas, who are in love with royal treatments.

yorkshire terrier temperament

Whenever people talk about Yorkies, they mostly talk about “purse dog,” as aristocratic ladies used to enjoy their companies a lot, previously. With growing time and changes, Yorkie is becoming a household name, for its small size.

More about the temperament

The little dogs are always up to something to grab your attention and hate to live without companionship, even if that means you are going towards your kitchen. According to maximum owners, their Yorkies follow them whenever they move from one room to another like shadows.

yorkshire terriers temperament

They can turn out to be excellent companions for the elderly people if you can control the Yorkshire terriers temperament. With proper training and step by step procedures, it is not at all impossible to control and fluctuating temperaments. The dogs can stay happy in families of different sizes as their main aim is to grab attention.

Checking out the activity requirements

Yorkies do not have to go through a hardcore activity in order to stay happy and healthy. Just a daily stroll around the neighboring regions and some time to play with them are more than enough, to maintain a proper livelihood. Yorkies must be kept on a leash or in any other fenced yard, to keep a check on Yorkshire terriers temperament. They are scrappy pets who will not at all hesitate before catching up a fight with other dogs, and it does not matter how large his opponent is. Moreover, they always have a tendency to chase things.

Focusing towards the trainability nature

On a moderate ground, Yorkies are easy to train if you are aware of the proper steps to follow. They are terriers, and it shows the stubbornness in the Yorkie temperament. They are in love with their independence and have a strong grudge towards anyone, trying to intervene in their territories. You need to start the training procedure early, when your puppy is amenable to the training procedure. You need to cope up with daily conduct sessions, with loads of treats and praise. You need to keep the sessions shorts as Yorkies tend to get bored easily and always look for various types of activities.

Enjoying house training

House training to control Yorkie temperament might range from easy to difficult levels, which solely depends on the type of Yorkie. In general senses, the Yorkies do not like rainy season, and they mainly refuse to step outside, during any wet situation. Some Yorkies might not like anything to be told to them, where else, some might pick up the things and trainings fast. You can take help of canine litter boxes and puppy pads to keep the carpet regions clean, throughout the entire training procedure.

yorkie temperament

Checking out the behavioral traits

Socialization is an eminent part in the healthy development of your Yorkie. Suspicion towards unknown people is their born tendency, and they will bark incessantly. On the other hand, over-sheltered Yorkies are neurotic, therefore; they need some independence to be mentally sound. Yorkies are known for their yappy nature and will bark at even a single noise. Separation anxiety is also quite common in such breeds, and you need to take proper care of this feature, too.

You need to follow proper training sessions to control Yorkshire terrier temperament and to help them learn your commands, with passing time.

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