Once you have the collar, next you would need the leash. The leash can act as an effective medium of communication between the owner and the dog. With training, the dog can understand the signals of the leash. If your dog is running too fast in the evening walk, a simple pull on the leash can help you to ask him to trot slowly. You can get some very good leashes in the market. You can find the retractable types and the usual types. Owners with two dogs to take care of can also get a double dog leash. These are quite cheap, and you can easily order a suitable product from an online store.

Retractable is smart

The retractable cord dog leash is very popular among dog owners because of the superb control it offers. These cords do not tangle and easily roll within the retraction chamber attached with the leash. Besides, it is a great urban pet style statement for owners. These leashes are quite long, thereby allowing a great extent of moving freedom to the dog. Whether you walk your pet close to you or far from you, these leashes can be ideal solutions. Look for an online store maintaining a good inventory of the retractable leashes.

While looking for these, you can consider buying the Flexi Freedom Retractable Cord Dog Leash, read all reviews about this bed on Amazon :

retractable cord dog leash

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These are available in different sizes and colors. The available colors are black, blue, grey, purple, pink, and red. All these color options help you to find a leash suitable for the personality of your dog. If you have a fancy girl dog, or a sensitive small dog, you can get the pink, purple and blue. Read, black, and grey colors are great for the aggressive ones. They are also available in multiple size variations. You can choose it in four size options, helping you to decide the extent of movement freedom your pet must have. The leash can stretch max up to 16 feet. These German products come with a lifetime warranty.

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For small dogs

The retractable leashes are great for big and active pets. The usual leashes are best for small dogs. Small dogs can be highly active and aggressive too. (In fact, they usually are.) So, you must look for a special small dog leash. Most manufacturers maintain a size set for small dogs. Find the online store from where you can get them. Whether you have a small or a big dog, the Rogz Reflective Dog Lead makes for a good buy, reviews about this leash on Amazon:

small dog leash

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These are available in different colors also. You can also find leashes for small dogs with them. Find a suitable color, judging by the attitude of your pet. Find the color that best describes your pet. The available variations are black, blue, chocolate (never feed chocolate to dogs, it is poisonous to them.), pink, purple, and red.

For owners who have two dogs in the family, the double leash can be highly effective. Every owner with more than one dog knows how difficult it is to handle two dogs on two leashes. The double leash effectively solves this problem by bifurcating. However, these are most effective only for small dogs. Two big dogs, or one small and the other big dog, can be difficult to manage. Consider buying the Sporn Double Dog Leash Black, read more about this item on Amazon:

double dog leash

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Dog owners are giving this product encouraging reviews because of its effectiveness. The leash has arrangements to manage two dogs of different sizes. However, make sure that the pets have tolerable temperament with each other. Otherwise, a dog fight can get you into a confused state, trying your best to calm them down. These are also fully adjustable, making them ideal for any pet sizes.