Some pet owners have the amazing ability to establish such a strong communication with their dogs, that they do not even buy collars. When they have to take the dog along for walk, they just walk beside the dog. The dog aptly keeps pace and company. However, for most owners, getting a dog collar is a necessity. The dog does not mind unless you are making sure to not fastening the collar too tight around his neck. Always ensure that you have a space of two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar. For furry dogs, you have to be extra careful. Ensure that the furs do not tangle with the collar. You can easily buy stylish dog collars from a reputed online store.

Nice fashion accessory

Nowadays, you can get different types of fashion dog collars, making them a nice accessory for stylish pets. Obviously, as one’s pet is the part of the family, so if the owner likes style, she would definitely like to get a great dog collar. Besides, there are several practical applications of a dog collar. For starters, you can put up a name and address tag with the collar. This can be a lifesaver if you accidentally lose your dog. However, do not forget to mention at least two phone numbers in the tag. In that way, even if one number is not working, you can still get the call from the rescuer good Samaritan.

Personalized collars are great!

A personalized dog collar can also have the name of your pet. However, you would still require placing the tag for address. The personalized collar can also have your phone number. You can have any type of personalized dog collars now. You can consider getting the personalized embroidered dog collar from Guardian (read reviews about this collar on Amazon ):

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personalized dog collar

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They provide custom personalization with your dog’s name. The various available colors are red, black, blue, light blue, pink, navy blue, purple, orange, lavender, yellow, hunter green, grass green, and light green. The company can embroider the dog’s name and your phone number in any color you want. Multicolor threads and glow-in-dark threads are also available.

Important to find the right size

Dog collars are available in various sizes, so finding the right size is not a problem. Whether you have a small dog, or a bulky canine, you can find collars of any sizes. Most of the collars are adjustable, while some are available in general sizes. Find the online store that maintains a good collection of various collar sizes. Whether you want a small dog collar, or a big one, you must be able to get it easily. Many small dogs look great in colorful collars.

Color and style

How about a pink leopard print collar for your small four legged buddy? Consider buying a Sassy Dog Wear Adjustable Dog Collar, see more details on

stylish dog collars


This is the deep pink, you would love to gift to your dog. Although she may not understand the significance of a pink leopard print, yet seeing you so happy to gift the collar, your dog would be happy too. Make this another opportunity to strengthen the friendship between you.

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Must feel comfortable

However, while buying these, always make sure that they have a comfortable texture. The dog must not feel irritated to wear the collar. If your dog does not like the collar, he would express his displeasure and discomfort. As a dog-owner, you can easily understand the problems with the collar. If it is a size issue, buy another color. If it is an adjustable collar, carefully select the right size. Watch out for the body language approval from your pet. Do not compromise on the comfort aspect. Dogs being such noble souls would bear the discomfort. However, you must take every effort to ensure that your pet feels happy wearing the collar.

Collars for dark

You can also buy different kinds of stylish dog collars. Many owners also choose to buy collars with LED lights. These look extremely savvy on your cool pet. You can consider buying Dog Collar with LED Lights from Kolbu Suvia (read about it on

fashion dog collars

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These are only available in medium size. These are great to walk your dog in the dark. You can adjust the LED lights in any of the three settings, steady, low and quick flashing. Perhaps, the dog would also feel a new experience with constant light flashes coming from behind his eyes, and never leaving him. Many dog owners report that their dogs adjust well to the LED flashes. These fashion dog collars are especially useful for black dogs.

Among other good collars, there is also the Rogz Reflective Dog Collar (read what other customers think about this item on Amazon):

small dog collar

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These collars are available in various sizes. The ergonomic contoured design means the collar would snugly fit across. However, since there is a solid steel ring, you must be careful about setting the collar. Make sure that there is at least a gap of three fingers between the collar and the neck.