Well, even if you are skeptical about believing in souls, yet no one is a machine after all! Perhaps, souls are nothing but the essence of all the emotions, expressed as feelings. You do feel, don’t you? If you can feel life, why cannot a yorkie feel too? Dogs are amazing creatures. Driven by a gentle love and a friendly attitude, they are special as companions. Yorkshire terriers are special among the special.

These little feisty creatures need all the attention you can offer. He/she is proud of being a yorkie and demands approval from you. The dog would need much grooming to stay clean and healthy.

You need to trim yorkie nails occasionally as a part of the beauty-care routine. You need to check the teeth, the ear, and give a fur brush every day. Also, bathing is a must, but make sure that the little one does not get cold.

clipping yorkie nails

Careful not to hurt

You must be very careful when clipping yorkie nails. The best idea is to take your dog to the vet or to someone who knows well about dogs. See how they gently clip the nails. See how they make the dog comfortable. Dogs are by nature trustful. You need to respect that.

As the old saying goes, “Be the human your dog thinks you are.” They are great friends. Your dog supports you when you are down. They have extraordinary intuitive skills. They read your body language and understand very well how you are feeling. All owners would admit that talking with their dogs helped them resolve big confusions in their lives.

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They are listeners par excellence. They would comfort you just by being at your side, and by all the antics, he/she knows to cheer you up.

how to cut yorkie nails scheme

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No trimming sometimes

So, make sure to have a good understanding on how to cut yorkie nails.

how to cut yorkie nails

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The first most important thing is to make the little one comfortable. Just let it feel your genuine concern in helping her to stay pretty. Big nails can invite a lot of problems. However, if you have a backyard, and your yorkie likes to dig the earth, you may consider letting it keep the nails. Digging is a natural activity for dogs, and they would need the nails for that. In that case, your grooming tasks would include cleaning the nails thoroughly so that there is no dirt or soil stuck inside.

Yorkies and other pets

While cutting Yorkshire terrier nails hold its paw gently and lift it. First, make the little dog comfortable.

cutting yorkshire terrier nails

You can also set him/her up on your lap and work on its paws. They like cuddling and cozying on the laps very much. Even if you are busy, make sure to manage some time for the yorkie. They are very playful and love the outdoors. They are also very courageous and inquisitive. In fact, their courage gets them to forget even the limitation of their small sizes. They try to boss over big dogs quite naturally.

A good-natured big dog would respect that and be friends with the little buddy. Yorkies can accommodate remarkably well with other pets. About their adjustability with a cat, it is a complex issue. The relationship between cats and dogs has many layers. They can be great friends and bad neighbors both.

The art of cohabiting

Essentially, it depends on the owner. If you want to help a cat and a yorkie cohabit, you need to ensure that both receive individual attention. This is important because both of them are actually arguing over who is more close to you than the other. Responsible owners would see to that no one feels insecure due to lack of attention. However, there is a word of caution though. Do not try to trim cat nails, please. However, the yorkie likes the trimmed nails.

cutting yorkie nails

Cutting yorkie nails can be just another way to tell your dog that you care. This strengthens the bond of friendship. In fact, you may even find the yorkie reminding you that the nails need trimming. They have their style of communication. Of course, you understand that.

yorkie nails

You can also look up instructional videos on how to trim yorkie nails. These trainer yorkie videos are very sweet and consider watching them even when you know the art of proper trimming.

Also, just keeping the nails in shape is not sufficient. You would also have to set some time aside for regular brushing on their proud coats. Have a soft and good brush to groom your little dog nicely. About trimming the fur, just concentrate on trimming the ends. In fact, many owners do not trim the fur of their dogs ever.

They love their coats very much. Nature has the simple system of fur shedding to keep the extra hairs in control. You can just leave at brushing. In addition, make sure to give your dog almost regular baths. They like to stay clean and tidy.

I use Safari Professional Pet Nail Trimmer for my Yorkies, you can get it on Amazon.com:

small dog nail clipper

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