If your small dog recently split open the last bed, it means that it is time to get another small dog bed. There is much fun in tearing beds and playing in all that fillings. All dogs, without exception, look forward to this special activity. Owners must find it their responsibility to provide a comfortable new bed, as a celebration of this special occasion.

small dog beds

Nowadays, different varieties of small beds are available, so you can get a new type every time. The primary purpose of the bed must be to provide ultimate comfort. It must be small, warm, and cozy. The bed, when not torn, is an important aspect of the dog’s life. It gives them small beings a big feeling. The Yorkshire terriers are important representatives of the ‘small but feisty’ category.

Feeling of Warmth

It is very important for the bed to be warm. Although dogs warm the beds with their body heat, but sometimes the heat may not retain and bed becomes cold soon. A bed made with sel-warming material can be a good choice. The K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed, 16-Inch by 20-Inch is a good solution, check it on Amazon.com:

dog beds for small dogs

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It does not require electricity to warm up. It also has a non-slip bottom to ensure extra stability. The fillings are recycled plastic bottles, thereby making the bed an eco-friendly cushion. The fillings are soft, ensuring maximum comfort. The sleeping surface is soft and pillow-like. Overall, it is a great choice for places where winters are extra cold.

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Cozy and Soft

If self-heating is not one of your priorities, consider getting a Yorkie bed that is coziest. The Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed Small can be a good solution, read all reviews about this bed on Amazon:

cave pet bed

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It is so good, that dog-owners unanimously agree it to be one of the best things for their small dogs. The hood creates the cave feeling and your dog would love to burrow in and like it. The Sherpa lining is amazing to keep your dog warm. However, if the hood is not your priority, and your dog actually does not like a hood, look for hoodless beds. You can consider the AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed. This one is cozy and soft too, without the limitation of the hood (read more about this item on Amazon):

small dog bed

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This 100 percent polyester bed is machine washable, making it easy to maintain. AKC refers to American Kennel Club, which is the most reputed organization of dog-owners. This in-house product from AKC comes with the guarantee that your pet would like to occupy the bed.

Hooded or Not Hooded

The availability of both options makes it a confusing choice for dog owners. If you are trying to decide the right bed, consider consulting your dog. If you had a dog bed before, you can try something new. If you had a hooded bed, try an open one. If your previous bed/existing bed is an open one, try the hood experience. Dogs like to burrow. Especially terriers have a tendency of burrowing and digging. If you have a small dog like the Yorkshire terrier, you can be sure that your dog would like the hood. You are also free to buy both the hooded and the open varieties, so that the dog has options. If you have more than one dog, then obviously you have to buy multiple beds. Instead of buying the same type, you can get both varieties of dog beds for small dogs.

Cushion More or Less

While choosing pet bed, many owners are reluctant to buy a bed that can be torn open. Many owners do not mind much the exclusive bed tearing fun activity. However, it is natural for owners to feel exasperated to buy bed after bed. As a solution to this problem, many prefer to buy soft beds without extra cushion. These flat beds are soft, but they are not bumpy. The bed material is soft, but there are no fillings. You can consider the Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed as a good choice (read more about it on Amazon.com):

dog bed

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These are available in various sizes. You can find everything from very small (18” x 12”) to extra large (54” x 37”). The material is ultra soft polyester sheepskin. There is also an extra cotton base for additional comfort.

Choosing Bed Color

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You also have different color options in small dog beds. Although popular myth is that dogs are color blind, it is untrue. However, their vision ability is different. They have fewer cone cells in the eyes. As these are responsible for viewing colors, dogs have dichromatic vision. Humans, on the other hand, have trichromatic vision implying that they see three primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow). Therefore, bringing different colored beds does make a difference. Also, the color choices make them good options as house items. A bland, colorless bed would not look as bright as one with a vibrant color. However, it is up to you to decide on the bed color.