Small dogs have the privilege of traveling in a carrier. This is extremely convenient for small breeds like the Yorkshire terriers. Although they are energetic, yet it is difficult for them to keep up with their owner’s pace while going from one place to another. They do not complain, but they do get tired, virtually running to keep pace with your walking speed. As a responsible owner, you need to find a solution for this. Consider using a small dog carrier.

You can use this whenever you want. These are very helpful when you are traveling from one place to another. Even for the evening walks, you might consider taking a carrier. While returning, you can put your Poodle or Yorkie in the carrier and give the little being some rest and comfort. The carriers can range from simple sling bags to elaborate special designs. You can choose the one you like.

The Simplest Design

The simplest design is the usual sling small dog carriers. These are actually reversible slings. The pet is on the other side of the shoulder, safely tucked in a comfortable bag. Obviously, it would keep its head out of the bag enjoying the scenes of the road while you carry it. Consider getting a East Side Collection Polyester Reversible Sling Dog Carrier, read about it on :

small dog carriers



This can hold pet weight upto 8 pounds. It is ideal for Yorkies who weigh no more than 7 pounds. If you have a Yorkie Mix pet or any other small dog, this might be the ideal solution to take your dog to places.

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Are you going over to your friend’s house and cannot leave the dog alone? This carrier would be the ideal solution. One side of the carrier has black ultra suede and the other side short pile dimple plush. This is convenient both for the dog and for you. The extra wide shoulder sling makes it comfortable to carry with the weight of the dog. Overall, it is a good basic small pet carrier if you are not looking for fancy bags. Fancy bags are also good options, but they would be more expensive than this basic design.

To Travel in Car

The reversible sling carrier is good when you are walking with your dog. However, when you are travelling in car, they are practically useless. You would need special car dog carriers for the purpose. These fancy bags are roomier for the pets than the sling bag. These also give them more freedom of movement. There are several options available, so you can choose one according to the budget and appearance. You can consider a Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat & Carrier, read reviews about this item on Amazon:

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This can easily carry pets up to 20 pounds. You can carry your mid-sized dog easily in this. The size is 20 x 13 x 12 inches, so there is good movement space for small pets. The mesh windows have zippers making it even more convenient.




Personal Pet Car Seat

Other options in the car carrier category include the Bergan Comfort Soft Sided Pet Carrier and the Firstrax port-A Crate E2 indoor/Outdoor Pet Home. The Bergan Bag is available in different colors so that you ensure to look stylish while carrying your pet (read what other customers think about this item on Amazon):

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The padded shoulder strap does not put strain on the shoulder while you are carrying. The bag measures 19 x 10x 13 inches, and so is a comfortable space for the pet to rest. Most importantly, the carrier has a safety belt loop, which allows you to attach the bag with your car’s seat belt. So, here you have your little pet having his/her personal car seat.



Make Pet Feel Special

What a great way to make your pet feel special! Your Yorkie would let you know how much he/she loves the dog carrier for small dogs. These are ideal bags to take the pet to the vet, or while going for long road trips with your pet. The Bergan carrier can accommodate pets upto 20 lbs but the other one is for smaller pets, weighing up to 10 lbs. However, both of them are convenient, roomy, and with good ventilation. The Pet Home is a cubic carrier held together by a steel frame. However, it is also easily foldable, making it extremely convenient. This is especially helpful while going to the vet because your pet finds it difficult to walk then.

The Firstrax bag dimensions are 16 x 11 x 11 inches. Read more details about this carrier on Amazon:

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Therefore, you can give enough room for movement to the pet. Setting up the bag is also very easy, only taking a few minutes. Door latches and zippers are also available, but try to keep the door open.



Pets enjoy peeking out of their carriers, and it is wrong to deny them this opportunity. Besides, your pet might feel suffocated and panicky when you close the doors. This bag also features meshed windows.