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dog carriers for small dogs

Offer Caring Carrying Privilege by a Small Pet Carrier

Small dogs have the privilege of traveling in a carrier. This is extremely convenient for small breeds like the Yorkshire terriers. Altho...
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yorkie mix

Buying a Yorkie Terrier Mix from a Responsible Breeder

The choice of buying a dog essentially boils down to finding a good breeder. This is, in fact, a huge responsibility. You need to buy fro...
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small dog beds

Look Here for Comfortable Small Dog Beds

If your small dog recently split open the last bed, it means that it is time to get another small dog bed. There is much fun in tearing b...
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yorkie facts

Interesting Yorkie Facts from the Imaginary Federation of World Wide Dogs

The imaginary federation of worldwide dogs, is, well, imaginary. However, it is a one-of-a-kind attempt (right here) from the collective ...
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dog denim pants with suspenders

Denim: The Newest Comeback in Teacup Dog Clothes

Small dog fashion clothing has been a popular statement for many years.  Trends have come and gone much like the fashions of humans.  And...
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yorkie clothes and accessories

Dress-Up Your Pup Better With Classy Yorkie Clothes And Accessories

Apart from offering a healthy lifestyle, you also need to pay dedicated attention towards grooming of your pets. Learning to groom person...
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miniature yorkshire terrier

Get A Miniature Yorkie Home To Share And Get Love

Pets are the most wonderful companions. They are cute and adorable to share your love unconditionally. This makes you feel great abou...
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yorkies health problems

To Fix Yorkshire Terrier Health Problems

Yorkshire terrier is one of the most adored breed of dogs. They are cute and have plenty of excellent features, which turn them into perf...
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how to train a yorkshire terrier

How To Train A Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are great companions that come in small packages. They share a very strong bond with their human family. They a...
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yorkshire terrier grooming tips

Learn Smartly And Enjoy Yorkie Grooming Sessions

Yorkies are cute and attractive pups. They can spell the magic of their cuteness, if they are offered the complete care about their looks...
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