Proper Yorkie potty training should start at the breeder’s place. In fact, this is actually an important aspect of selecting a good breeder. The dogs like to keep their den clean and tidy, and proper potty training is essential for that. Also, the right habits of training from the early age would instill a sense of discipline in the dog. This is very useful after you bring the dog to your house. However, you need to remember that they are not machines or inferior creatures. If you are thinking that your dog would automatically follow your instructions from day one, it is a mistake. You would need a lot of time and patience to establish trust and friendship with the dog.

Soft with stubbornness

Yorkies are very stubborn. You need to be patient with them. Also, you have to set some time aside to attend to the dog. The Yorkie must not feel neglected. The basic premise is to keep a close eye on understanding the instincts of the little dog. You have to take the dog patiently to its potty place whenever you are sure it wants to relieve itself.  You need to keep watch on the usual times like just after he awakens, just after the meal, after you take him out of the crate, and after a session of playing. You need to ensure that the dog relieves himself at the assigned place every time. As they are little stubborn, you have to be caring and patient in getting the dog to follow the rules. The Yorkie would listen to you only when he/she likes you. Gaining trust is an important aspect of Yorkshire terrier potty training.

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yorkshire terrier potty training

Follow positive reinforcement

Remember, never to be harsh or scornful with the Yorkie. Instead, follow the system of positive reinforcement. You must reward your dog with cuddles, hugs, and kisses after it listens to you. Dogs understand the simplest language of love best. Hitting the dog is out of the question. If you are planning to terrorize a little dog, you do not deserve to have the dog. Stay away from hurting the pet. For being a good owner, you must do your research on how to treat the dog. Look up online resources on how to potty train a Yorkshire terrier.

how to potty train a yorkshire terrier

This article strives to provide you with all necessary information. The tips here would help you to understand your dog well so that you can identify his/her natural instincts.

Caring for Yorkies

yorkie potty training

Of course, you may have Yorkie potty training problems.

yorkie potty training problems

If you look deep into the reasons why it is difficult to train, you would find that there are some unresolved issues. Try to find out what the Yorkie is so bent on not listening to you. Maybe, you are not giving the dog sufficient time. Perhaps, the Yorkie does not like the food. Yorkies like to cuddle up and be cozy. Make sure that you are taking the dog up in your lap whenever possible. Also, regular grooming and maintenance are necessary to keep the dog happy. Make sure to brush the soft coat often. Give the dog a bath periodically. Keep the temperature comfortable so that it does not catch a cold. Trim its nails if your dog lives in an apartment. If you have a backyard, prefer to keep the nails, as the feisty dogs like to dig.

yorkie potty training tips

Find out as much as you can about the Yorkie potty training tips. You have to understand the individuality of the dog. The dog should be able to trust you as a friend and a loving owner. Look for temperament traits of the dog to understand what it likes. They can be very naughty also. Sometimes, they would like to relieve at the wrong places just to play with you. They think it is fun. So, you have to make the dog understand that you prefer him to get to the specific potty place only. You can easily establish a bond of patience and care.