Many people residing in apartments plan to purchase a Yorkie for its high level of intelligence and small size, but the major glitch lies with yorkie barking. Whenever the Yorkie do not want to avoid barking, try and determine if the behavior of the pet is warranted.

yorkie barking


Yorkies are tiny and lovable dogs, with certain colorful personalities, and they always have a tendency to bark. However, if you ever want to purchase a Yorkie for its cute look, your neighbors might be in dismay as the dog has a tendency to bark at every possible noise it hears. Thus, proper training is a must if you want to control your dog’s barking temperament.

stop yorkies from barking

Exceptional are there

It is an inevitable truth that dogs are born to bark. It is your duty to know more about the reasons for your Yorkie’s unending barking phenomenon and solve the problems accordingly. However, if you start your research well, you will come across different ways and probable things, which can help you to deal with the problems, your dog is currently facing. Regardless of the refinement and breeding over several millenniums, this type of dog breeds is always associated with an urgent need to vocalize related with the needs and feelings. However, there are some exceptional off course. For example, let’s take Basenji as a small example, who is a Yorkie but never bark even the slightest noise. Thus, before you try and stop the yorkies barking, you have to understand the reasons of the barking procedure and the various other notifications of barking, which can be easily controlled.

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yorkies barking

Understanding the causes well

Yorkies always shout for various reasons and mostly, during their angrier moods. They even bark the time when exciting things happen around or scared. There are certain other features of different reasons when your favorite pet dog might start barking. Some of those are frustration barking, attention seeking bark, territorial barking, alarm barking, greeting bark, compulsive barking and illness or injury related bark.

From these points, you can observe that barking can be defined as a reliable option of your Yorkie to showcase their feelings. It is next to impossible when you plan to stop the dogs from barking or their willingness to express their thoughts, without thinking what you are planning to do with the main aim to inhibit the well-known behavior. You have to find the answer to the question on how to stop a yorkie from barking, to create a peaceful environment.

how to stop yorkies from barking

Stop the terrifying bark of a Yorkie

There are times when the favorable Yorkie might continue their barking procedure, no matter what you do. From ten results, nine show that yorkshire terrier barking is quite a lot and must be easily controlled. First check if the behavior is warranted or not and then answer some simple questions. Denote the time when Yorkie generally follow the barking routine. Check what your dog is barking at and whether your Yorkie has a different trigger or not. In case you follow that the Yorkie barks due to any unusual sound or for protecting its territory, you just cannot stop your dog from barking. In fact, always remember that negative reinforcement associated with territory can easily lead to aggression or biting in any other forms.

yorkshire terrier barking

Creating a safe environment

Rather than yelling at them and trying to stop yorkie barking, you have to focus towards a specific environment, where your Yorkie feels that its territory is protected. This will start after you take control over your household. You need to be the most diligent leader and show the pet that no one can take charge of the space, other than you. For a second thought, you can reduce the ability of your dog to see the intrusive threats associated with its territorial rule. You have to draw that blinds for avoiding him checking out the mailman. Moreover, you can even try and create opaque fence associated with that he cannot see the outside portion of yard and prevent them from making any contact with the windows.

stop yorkie barking

Stop anxiety related barks

To help stop yorkies from barking, you need to teach your dogs the ways, which you can try and speak, at the same time, stay quiet. For that, you can try and create a command, which will allow you with the main aim, associated with the behavior of the dog and also controlling the notion of barking, when necessary. In case your dog has any anxiety issues, then the barking symptom will increase. They will start barking till the time your return from your daily chores. After returning from work, you tend to shower them with love and attention. Avoid doing that and start ignoring your dog for long 10 to 15 minutes.

how to stop a yorkie from barking

Learn to control your Yorkie

When you want to know the ways on how to stop yorkies from barking, you must take expert advice from professionals, especially dog trainers. There are different methods used to curb the excessive barking tendency of your Yorkie and create a peaceful environment. The barking of your Yorkie must not become a bane on your community if you know the perfect ways associated with controlled manner.