A few dog owners do not require collars, leashes, or harnesses. They have the special ability to communicate so well with their dogs, that they do not need to control them while walking. However, even veteran dog owners would admit that leashes and harnesses can be great in the initial stages of training, when you are developing the communication with the dog. Once you can convey your commands easily, and your dog listens to them, you may let go the leash. However, for beginners, dog harnesses are very necessary. You need to find a suitable online store selling good and comfortable products.

Collars or harnesses?

Many owners prefer to choose the harness system over the dog collars. Although collars can look incredibly stylish on the dogs, but at a neutral evaluation, you can easily interpret that the harness is far more comfortable for the dog. Definitely, a wide pull in the shoulder region is better than a pull at the neck! Although you can get stylish collars like the embroidered ones or the ones with LED lights, consider getting the harness if you want to make the dog feel at its comfortable best. Several manufacturers provide very good products, so you just have to select from them. While considering comfortable products, check the Puppia Soft Dog Harness, read more about it on Amazon:

dog harnesses

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These are available in different sizes and as many as twelve different colors. The colors include yellow, green, black, pink, blue etc. You can choose the appropriate color suiting your dog’s personality.

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Find a good store

Especially for small dogs, some kind of leash arrangement is important while you take them to walk. The small ones are often hyper active, and if you are not having a leash, they may wander far. Leashes of various sizes are available. If you can get a long leash, you can effectively ensure that you are giving your do a lot of space to move. Look for the suitable online store selling all kinds of dog’s stuffs. You can get leashes, harnesses, and collars conveniently from a good store. While you are at it, you may consider buying a special dog car harness. This is nothing but a seat belt for the dog, and is highly useful when you are driving with an active dog.

This seat belt keeps the pet on the seat, so that you can concentrate on driving. These belts are also great when you are driving with your family.

Ensure a snug fit

You must always ensure that the harness snugly fits around the dogs body. There are essentially two kinds of these things. You can buy either a belt-buckle harness or a flat one. Both are good for managing your pets while you take them for a stroll. However, dog owners review that the flat ones are more comfortable. An interesting trend to note is the fact that owners of big dogs usually do not buy the flat ones, although they are available in big size variations. The usual choice for them is the belt and buckle harness. Owners of small dogs, on the other hand, rarely buy belt and buckle harnesses. The flat ones are popular choices for them.

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The P26o Adjustable Pet Dog Safety Leads Car Seat Belt is an effective solution while driving with your dog, read all reviews on Amazon:

dog car harness

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Choosing the right one

You can easily great good quality belt-and-buckle ones from a suitable online store. While you are trying to select a suitable one, consider the Rogz Reflective Dog step In Harness, you can read other customers reviews on Amazon.com:

reflective dog harness

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These are fully adjustable, thus ensuring your pet’s comfort. They are also available in various color and size variations. Breaking the usual tradition, many small dog owners are also trying these out to handle and train their pets. They are suitable for any small breed, including the yorkies. Other small breeds like maltese, pomeranian, Chihuahua and miniature poodles are also manageable by these. Judging by the several positive customer reviews, definitely this product is a good reflective dog harness. If you are looking for a new accessory for your dog, consider buying these now!

Having both types

Some owners also prefer to keep both types of harnesses for their dogs. This creates a variation of experience for the dog and he loves the attention you are giving. Dogs require constant careful attention, and you must make out time from your busy schedule to play with your dogs. In fact, having both the harnesses can give you a clear perspective from the pet’s point of view. You can easily check your dog’s preferences by the body language. However, the choices vary from dog to dog, so there is no general rule to determine which harness your dog would like.

If you are a first time buyer, just get the one you think is most appropriate. If your dog likes it,  you know you made the right choice. However, if the dog makes a constant effort of getting out of these, check what is causing the discomfort. Maybe, he has got his fur tangled with the buckle. Always make sure that the dog is comfortable wearing this. Do not make it too tight. Do not make it too loose either. Like collars, you must keep a minimum 2-3 finger gaps between the harness and the body.