People just fall in love with Yorkshire terrier coat colors, as the shining coats comprise of long hairs. For adult Yorkie, the eminent notion is related with the texture along with the specific quality of the coat, along with the shinning color combination. The hair will be glossy along with other characteristics like straight, fine related with a silky notion.

yorkshire terrier coat colors

Generally, the fur coats are very long and parted in the middle region related with the back side. However, you need to maintain the coats well to avoid tangled knots and maintain a silky coat.

Major focus towards the coat colors

From the backside region associated with neck area till the base area related with tail. You can also focus towards the coat, which is dark gray in color and in black combination. The hair of the tail region will be of a darker black shade. The head area, legs and chest of a Yorkie comprise of bright hair color, with rich tan and darker, towards the roots. The middle portion is light and shades with a tan, which is quite lighter, nearer to the tip regions. But, this part of Yorkshire terrier coats might vary from one dog to another. On the other hand, the adult dogs will not have any black hair intermingled with the tan colored portion of the fur.

yorkshire terrier coats

Other color combinations to follow

The adult Yorkies comprise of other coat colors, and some might even have fine coats or woolly texture. The difference relates with the typical Yorkie, which must not be a part of the breeding session intentionally if you want to keep the exact colors of Yorkshire terrier coats. If your dog has a wooly texture, you need to be extra careful while maintaining it. Best and most prominent reasons to avoid breeding off-colored Yorkies relates with coat colors is the potential indicator related with the any genetic defect, which can easily affect the dog’s health.

yorkie coat

Dealing with puppy coats

Newly born or an infant Yorkie is born with a tint of black color at certain tan points, associated near the muzzle regions, around the feet and legs and just above the eye regions. The same color can also be found out inside the ear regions and just under the tail area of a Yorkie coat. You can even get hold of star nearer to chest region, only if the parents have the same. Apart from that, it is also quite common to find a coat with small white patches, near the nail regions. These markings will start to fade with passing years and finally vanishing, within the time of few months.

Years to land up with the final color

It might take three to four years for the Yorkie coat which will reach the last and final result. The final color is mostly a black one with a grayish tint. Lastly, it has also been found out that typical straight along with a glossy coat of a Yorkie falls under the hypo allergic section. When compared with other breeds of dogs, Yorkies are not know for shedding hairs normally, but only during brushing or bathing time. It relates with the saliva and dog’s dander, which can trigger an allergic reaction. Therefore, you need to maintain the coat properly and also Yorkshire terrier coat colors with regular brushing to remove the dead hair strands and cells.

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